Press release on House’s approval of $1 billion to fund Iron Dome system 

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On the House’s approval of a billion dollars to fund the replacement of Iron Dome missiles, Hamas spokesperson Abdullateef Al-Qanoa stated the following:  

The US House’s approval of $1 billion in new funding for the Israeli occupation’s Iron Dome system emphasises the United States’ bias towards the Israeli occupation and against the Palestinian people. By providing such financial assistance, the US becomes a partner of the Israeli occupation and kills the Palestinian people’s aspirations for freedom and independence. 
The continued US support to equip the Israeli occupation with high-tech weapons will never legitimise its occupation of Palestine. 

Finally, we call on the Palestinian Authority not to count on the US administration and take serious positions against the US bias towards the Israeli occupation.

Hamas spokesperson Abdullateef Al-Qanoa

Friday, September 24, 2021