Hamas denounces normalisation meetings between PA and Israeli officials 

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Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem stated the following: 

Holding a normalization agreement between the PA and ministers in the Israeli governments and members of the Israeli Knesset is an awful demeanour denounced by all the Palestinian factions. 

The repeated normalisation meetings between the PA and Israeli officials emphasise that the former is out of the national tune and turns a blind eye to all national considerations. Such meetings amount to flagrant violations at the national level. 

Indeed, such meetings by Ramallah’s authority encourage some parties in the region not only to continue their normalisation with the Israeli occupation but also to strengthen their ties with it. 

Finally, the PA is held responsible for any repercussions of normalising ties with the Israeli occupation either by the PA itself or by any other party.

Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem

Friday, September 24, 2021