Naim: African Union's decision is a step in the right direction

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Press Statement

Issued by Dr. Basem Naim, member of the International Relations Office:

Dr. Bassem Naim, responsible for the international relations file in Hamas, considered the decision by the Executive Council of the African Union to postpone the decision on accepting the occupying state as an observer member of the union, to the next summit of presidents in February 2022, is a step in the right direction and stressed that this rejection came in light of efforts and responsible stance of the supporting countries to the Palestinian people.

Naim also affirmed the Movement's aspiration to finally reject the joining of the racist entity into the Union, in line with the continent's history in its struggle against colonialism and racism and support of our Palestinian people's struggle for freedom and independence.

Naim also called on the Palestinian Authority to intensify its diplomatic efforts to prevent the occupation state from joining the AU and to build on the African countries' solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Dr. Basem Naim
Member of the International Relations Office

Sunday: October 17, 2021