Joint press statement by Hamas Movement and Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine

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The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip held an important leadership meeting on Sunday evening, November 21, to discuss many files internally and externally.

The two leaderships saluted our Palestinian people in the diaspora, the 1948 occupied territories, the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and our heroic detainees, and affirmed the following:

First: We salute the heroic Jerusalem operation carried out by the heroic martyr Fadi Abu Shkhaydam that proves Jerusalem was and will remain the center of the conflict, and that our people will not rest until they regain their full rights, no matter how long it takes.

Second: We condemn the British government's decision against Hamas, and we consider it an aggression against the Palestinian people with all its forces and components. We call on the British Parliament to reject the adoption of this decision due to its dangers to world peace and to Britain itself.

Third: Achieving national unity based on national partnership in a way that rebuilds the Palestinian political system according to a comprehensive national vision and strategy, away from unilateralism, and one that ensures the advancement and protection of the Palestinian national project.

Fourth: Our detainees are a red line, and we will work with full force at all levels to support them on their path of liberation and breaking their chains.

Fifth: We condemn normalization between some Arab regimes and the Zionist entity. We warn against the dangerous repercussions on the security and stability of the Arab peoples from this Zionist penetration to the Arab capitals. We have great confidence in the Arab peoples, who reject normalization and adhere to historical rights in Palestine, to thwart normalization schemes.

Sixth: We continue to work to break the siege on the Gaza Strip by all means, and we warn the occupation against its criminal policy of procrastination against the Strip.

Seventh: To concentrate efforts towards serving the Palestinian popular sectors affected by the siege, especially poor families and graduates, including the payment of social affairs dues, and to intensify pressure on the international community to force the occupation to end the siege and stop its aggression.

Eighth: To continue and strengthen the joint bilateral work between the Hamas movement and the PFLP at all levels to serve our people in defending their rights and meeting their needs.

Jerusalem is our Eternal Capital
Our resistance will continue until freedom from the occupation

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas

Gaza - Monday: November 22, 2021