Hamas to launch legal battle against UK ban, says official

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Member of Hamas Political Bureau, Mousa Abu Marzouq, said Sunday that his movement is seeking to appeal against the UK government's decision to proscribe Hamas. 

Speaking at a webinar held by the Palestinian Refugees Studies Centre, Abu Marzouq added that Hamas is working with British lawyers to outline its strategy to fight the decision.  

"We'll do everything in our power to serve the Palestinian voice," Abu Marzouq continued. "We want to support the Palestinian cause and restore our project and self-determination." 

Abu Marzouq reaffirmed that Hamas embraces national unity on the basis of a unified Palestinian project – resistance to the Israeli occupation.
He called on Fatah and the Palestinian Authority to agree on partnership and set up a national resistance program in a way that serves the Palestinian interests.

In its latest vision for Palestinian reconciliation, Hamas called for secretaries-general of the Palestinian factions to convene in order to take steps to achieve Palestinian unity, agree on a national program, and agree on the formation of a government, Abu Marzouq pointed out.
"Hamas has no interest in the division and wants to preserve the [Palestinian] homeland, constants, and option of resistance," Abu Marzouq noted.    

Abu Marzouq confirmed that the Palestinian rights are inalienable and that the Palestinian people will never recognize the Israeli occupation nor accept the “two-state solution” or the “one-state solution”. 

As for the normalization of ties with the Israeli occupation, Abu Marzouq emphasized that the accelerating tide of Arab normalization with the Israeli occupation has weakened support for the Palestinian cause. 
He continued: "Normalisation led support for the [Palestinian] cause to wane and broke Israeli occupation out of its isolation in the Middle East." 
The member of Hamas politburo explained that several international parties are backing and providing a lifeline for the Israeli occupation, calling on the international community to act against Israeli violations and endorse the Palestinian right to self-determination and end the occupation. 

Abu Marzouq urged for seizing all chances available to prosecute the Israeli occupation for its crimes against the Palestinian people and promote the Palestinian narrative.