Jabarin: "AMIRA movie" offensive and serves occupation's claims

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Member of Hamas political bureau, and head of martyrs and detainees portfolio, Zaher Jabarin, stated the following:

"AMIRA film is offensive to the detainees' sacrifices, and questions the issue of the freedom ambassadors," said Jabareen explaining that it serves the Zionist enemy that seeks to break the will of the detainees, especially after the Freedom Tunnel operation.

Jabareen demanded to stop broadcasting the film immediately and withdraw it from all platforms. Instead, the international forums should show the detainees' torture and the occupation crimes that violate all international laws, he added.

We salute all official and popular positions that reject this deplorable abuse of the cause of our detainees' cause. 

Zaher Jabarin
Head of Martyrs and Detainees Portfolio

Wednesday: December 8, 2021