Hamas chief receives phone call from Iranian foreign minister 

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Head of Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, has received a phone call from Iran’s Foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who offered his congratulations on Hamas’s 34th anniversary. 

In the phone call, the Iranian foreign minister confirmed that Hamas is a leading Palestinian movement in resisting the Israeli occupation and plays a vital role in fulfilling the aspirations of the Palestinian people. 

The Iranian official confirmed that Iran will continue supporting the Palestinian people until liberating Jerusalem and Al-Quds. 

Abdollahian also condemned the British decision to blacklist Hamas, deeming it a “political move” that coincided with the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. 

The Iranian official added that both the Balfour Declaration and the British decision to backlist Hamas are “against justice and human rights”. 

Abdollahian confirmed that the Gaza siege would end “at the hands of the resistance and with the support of the Ummah”, noting that the ‘Sword of Jerusalem’ battle has proved that the issue of Jerusalem cannot be compromised. 

He also strongly condemned the Israeli prime minister’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, describing this visit as “shameful”. 

The Hamas chief, in turn, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Iranian foreign minister for making this phone call, confirming that Hamas has enormously contributed to the resistance.

“Over the past thirty-four years, hundreds of Palestinian martyrs were from Hamas, on top of them is Hamas’s founder Sheikh Ahmed Yasin,” Haniyeh said.  

He explained that all forms of resistance, especially armed resistance, constitute a major principle for Hamas, expressing his thanks to Iran for supporting the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance. 

Calling on UAE and other normalizing countries with the Israeli occupation to backtrack on this move, Haniyeh also explained that Hamas now faces a plot that targets the pillars of the Palestinian cause, in coincidence with the Israeli occupation’s attempt to penetrate the region through normalization.  

The top Hamas official warned against restructuring the Middle East by the US administration and enhancing the Israeli occupation’s hegemony in the region. 

He hailed the Iranian stance against normalization and the British decision to blackmail Hamas.