Demolishing Salhia's house a Zionist war on presence of Jerusalemites

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The occupation's eviction and demolition of the Salhia family house in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood at dawn today and the arrest of the citizens and the supporters is a crime and a dangerous escalation of the occupation’s ongoing brutal war against the city of Jerusalem and its people.

The occupation has deliberately infiltrated at dawn under the cover of the harsh cold weather and darkness to circumvent the heroic stance of the Salhia family that challenged the demolition's decision.

We affirm that the Zionist occupation's criminal practices will never break the determination of our Palestinian people in Jerusalem who will continue confronting the occupation with all forms of resistance.

We call on our Palestinian people in Jerusalem to protect the homes threatened with demolition and steadfastly confront the Israeli occupation's war machine.

The occupation's criminal practices require the Arab and Islamic nations, all humanitarian organizations, and the free peoples of the world to hold their responsibilities to pressure the occupation to stop its crimes against Jerusalem and its residents. 

Mohammed Hamada
Hamas spokesman of Jerusalem
Wednesday: January 19, 2022