Hamas hails Amnesty International report classifying occupation as an apartheid regime

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The Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas considers with great appreciation and respect Amnesty International's efforts of issuing its professional report, that puts the facts in perspective and describes the tragic reality of our Palestinian people under occupation, by considering the occupation entity as an apartheid regime, and applies a regime of Apartheid in all the occupied Palestinian territories.

Amnesty report's adherence to the principles of objective professionalism by presenting the real facts on the ground expresses the ugliness of the occupation's practices against the Palestinian people at all levels. 

In the West Bank, the occupation intensifies the colonial settlement's expansion and fully protects the colonial settlers while carrying out their brutal attacks and aggression against our Palestinian people, farmers, and landowners.

In addition to the full-blown policy of Judaization of Jerusalem, which is considered a flagrant violation of the religious rights of Muslims and Christians by desecrating their sanctities, the unjust siege imposed on Gaza by the occupation that continues for 17 years constitutes a war crime against humanity.

Moreover, the continued Israelization, racism, and discrimination policies practiced by the occupation's government against our Palestinian people in the 1948 occupied lands continue unabated.

Hamas considers the current Amnesty International report an essential and detailed part of the international and legal efforts that seek justice for our Palestinian people, who are facing the last barbaric racist occupation on earth, in legal efforts to end the Israeli occupation's injustice.

Hamas urges the Amnesty organization and other international human rights organizations to continue to reveal the injustice and prejudice committed by the occupation against our Palestinian people.

Hamas considers the Amnesty report a new contribution to exposing the cover by the major colonial powers Israel has always enjoyed for decades.

Accompanied by field testimonies from the occupied territories, the Amnesty report constitutes a new step in building the edifice of truth, which the world must hear and see closely, not only through the Palestinian narrative but also through legal and human rights reports without bias towards any party.
Hisham Qassem
Head of Hamas Media Portfolio Abroad 

Tuesday: February 1, 2022