Hamas condemns French PM's remarks on Jerusalem

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The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement denounces the statements made by French Prime Minister Jean Castex, in which he claims that occupied Jerusalem is the "eternal capital of the Jewish people." 

These comments reflect a blatant bias towards the Israeli occupation and an endorsement of its racist agenda and colonial-settler policies against the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights and stolen lands 

Such policies are rejected and condemned by all international norms, conventions and resolutions and do not go in line with the position of the European Union, in which France is a leading member state.
These remarks also incite the Israeli occupation to continue its crimes against occupied Jerusalem and Muslim and Christian holy sites.   

The comments made by the French PM during the gala dinner of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (CRIF) is an exact replica of the promise of "who doesn't own, to those who don't deserve," which grants the Israeli occupation an alleged legitimacy over occupied Jerusalem. 

Such remarks, in addition, reflect a double standard policy adopted by the French government in its approach towards the just cause of the Palestinian people, who will remain committed to their legitimate right to liberation and return and to establishing their independent state with Jerusalem as its eternal capital. 

Hamas Movement 
Saturday, 26 February 2022