Press statement to condemn occupation court's approval of cable car in Jerusalem

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The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas condemns the approval of the so-called “Israeli” Supreme Court to establish a cable car in occupied Jerusalem, which carries dangerous political and urban dimensions that will affect the heart of the city of Jerusalem and its old neighborhoods. 

We consider it an integral part of the ongoing Zionist projects that seek to change and obliterate the city's Arab and Islamic features and its civilizational character.
We call on international and regional institutions, led by the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to move quickly to stop those schemes and projects that threaten the Palestinian existence, its civilizational character, and its Islamic and Christian sanctities and  flagrantly violate all international charters and resolutions.

We also call on the Palestinian Authority to stop its security collaboration with the occupation, condemn the colonial settlements, and prosecute the occupation leaders in the international courts for their ongoing crimes against our Palestinian people and the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Fawzi Barhoum
A spokesman of the Hamas Movement

Monday: May 16, 2022