Hamas condemns Israeli occupation attacking mourners at Jerusalem martyr's funeral 

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Assaulting Palestinian Jerusalemites who attended the funeral of Palestinian martyr Walid al-Sharif on Monday evening by Israeli occupation forces, who targeted them with live fire injuring dozens of them, is a crime that exposes the terrorist and sadist conduct of the Israeli occupation and its infringement on all international laws and norms.   

That also reaffirms that the Israeli occupation's leadership has gone rogue and got into a state of panic and fear in the face of the Palestinian popular steadfastness and fight against its Judaisation and settler-colonial schemes.   
As we hail the Palestinian masses who attended al-Sharif's funeral procession to pay tribute for him, we call on Palestinian citizens of Jerusalem to intensify comprehensive resistance and continue confronting the Israeli occupation until liberating their lands and Muslim and Christian holy sites. 

Hamas Movement 
Monday, 16 May 2022