Hamas: Zionist calls to demolish Dome of the Rock is playing with fire and a dangerous escalation against Muslim holy sanctities

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Zionist “Lahava” Organization's call for the colonial settlers to demolish the Dome of the Rock and build their alleged temple on the so-called “Unification of Jerusalem” day on May 29, is a direct provocation to the feelings of the Palestinian people and the Islamic Ummah. 

We hold the occupation fully responsible for the repercussions of the dangerous escalation against our identity, values​​, and sanctities.

In front of the continued Zionist threats and incursions, the Hamas movement calls on the masses of our Palestinian people to mobilize and gather in the blessed Al-Aqsa to confront the occupation's dangerous Judaization schemes. 

As we call on our Ummah, leaders, organizations, and people to shoulder their historical responsibilities in protecting Al-Aqsa, we also call on the international community with its institutions and organizations to criminalize and prevent these encroachments that will have severe repercussions on the entire region.

Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas
Wednesday, May 18, 2022