Al-Arouri: Birzeit elections prove our ability to conduct transparent elections that express our people's will 

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The deputy head of the Hamas political bureau, Saleh al-Arouri, said that the achievement of the democratic elections in the Birzeit University Student Council elections proves our ability, despite the differences, to achieve transparent elections that express our Palestinian people's will.

Al-Arouri added, in a speech on the victory of the Islamic bloc in the Birzeit University students council elections, that Hamas has always emphasized on the democratic path and called for it, and paved the way to enable our Palestinian people to express their options.

We hope one day the Palestinian people will exercise their free choices in the elections.

Al-Arouri thanked Birzeit University that continues to be safeguard student and national work, and defends this freedom and the right of our students to make their own choices.

He also congratulated all university students and cadres on the success of the democratic elections.