Hamas condemns Indian official's insulting remarks on Prophet Muhammad

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Member of Hamas Political Bureau Fathi Hammad has denounced the insulting statements by an official of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party on the Prophet Muhammad. 

"The remarks made by the spokeswoman of India's ruling party that offended the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came in the context of the escalating hate and violence campaign against Muslims in India," Hammad said in a press statement on Sunday evening. 

Hammad slammed the international community for its silence and double standard attitudes toward issues concerning Muslims around the world. 

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Ezzet al-Resheq, meanwhile, expressed his movement's rejection of the statements made by the BJP spokeswoman, in which she insulted the Prophet Muhammad and Islam.   

Al-Resheq condemned such remarks as a "provocation and a direct insult to more than two billion Muslims around the world."

The senior Hamas official called on Arab and Muslim governments to exert pressure on the Indian government to apologize for such heinous comments.