Hamas welcomes European position in support of Palestinian NGOs

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The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas welcomes the joint statement issued by a number of European countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden) that supports Palestinian civil NGOs.  The statement exposes once again the falsehood of the misleading and tendentious narrative of the occupation in twisting the facts and practicing lies to influence the work of these NGOs that work to expose the racist policies of the occupation and its violations against our Palestinian people.

 We affirm that the European Joint Statement is a step in the right direction to pressure the occupation to stop its violations against our Palestinian land, people, and our holy sites.
We call on the international community, with its human rights and humanitarian institutions, to shoulder their responsibilities in criminalizing the occupation and its racist policy and hold the occupation leaders and colonial settlers accountable for their crimes against our Palestinian people and the Islamic and Christian holy sites.

Jihad Taha
A spokesman for Hamas Movement 

Wednesday: July 13, 2022