Hamas rejects German police investigation into Abbas' anti-occupation comments

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The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas rejects and condemns the German police's announcement to open an investigation against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over his remarks on the Israeli occupation's crimes against the Palestinian people. 

Once again, world powers prove their bias towards the Israeli occupation while showing disregard for the historical rights of the Palestinian people and their long-standing suffering for more than seven decades.

The plight of the Palestinian people started with them being expelled from their homeland and forced to live as refugees and in exile,  in addition to the dozens of massacres committed against Palestinian civilians, including women and children, and arresting and wounding hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.  

These powers' attempts to distort the truth, turn a blind eye and adopt double standards when it comes to the rights and narrative of the Palestinian people will not succeed in wiping out the Palestinian narrative no matter the methods and measures used to do so. 

The Palestinian people will never forget or forgive those reponsible for the persecution that they are being subject to and will continue their relentless resistance until liberation and return.   
It is time to take practical steps to achieve a true Palestinian national unity based on complete partnership in the context of national leadership unified behind a national program based on comprehensive resistance to confront the Israeli occupation.
Member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran 
Saturday, 20 August 2022