Israeli occupation detained 5,300 Palestinians in 2022, rights group finds

| Occupation crimes

The Israeli occupation has detained 5,300 Palestinians, including 111 women and 620 children, and issued 1,600 detention orders against Palestinians so far this year, according to a Palestinian prisoners’ rights organisation.

According to the Palestinian Prsioners Club, April witnessed a record high number of arrests, while Jerusalem saw the highest number of arrests, during which 2,353 Palestinian citizens have been detained. 

“The arrests were accompanied by summary executions, with the highest number of such cases recorded this year compared with the previous years,” the Ramallah-based NGO explained. 

The rights organisation added that Israeli occupation forces deliberately inflict as much damage as they could during their arrest raids.   

As for detention without trial or charges, August saw the highest number of detention orders issued by the Israeli occupation authorities against Palestinians, with 272 orders reported so far this year. 

As of late September, the number of Palestinians being held without charge in Israeli occupation prisons reached around 800. 

Meanwhile, the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs called on the international community to immediately act to put an end to the unlawful detention of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation. 

The commission reiterated the necessity for the international community to “assume its moral and humanitarian responsibilities towards the Palestinian people and detainees.” 

The number of Palestinian detainees held by Israeli occupation who have died due to its punitive measures and policies, including torture, assault, and medical negligence, has risen to 232, the commission explained.    

The commission added that 73 Palestinian detainees have died as a result of brutal torture, 73 died due to medical neglect, 79 died of wounds sustained during their arrest, and seven died after being fatally shot inside prison. 

Hundreds of freed Palestinian detainees have died after their release due to health conditions that they developed as a result of inhumane torture and deliberate medical negligence during their imprisonment, the commission pointed out.   

By the end of September, the number of Palestinian detainees being held in Israeli occupation jails has reached 4,700 , including 30 women, nearly 190 minors, and 800 detainees held without charge or trial, according to Palestinian prisoners’ rights groups.