Hamas official calls on US to stop bias towards Israeli occupation state

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Hamas official Dr. Basim Naim called on the United States to stop blind double-standard bias in favor of the Israeli occupation state. 

In a press statement, Naim stressed that the overwhelming majority of the international community voted in favor of these resolutions, and only the Israeli occupation state, the United States, and some countries voted against them.

The UN General Assembly's (UNGA)Fourth Committee adopted on Friday four resolutions in favor of the Palestinian cause, including extending the mandate of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and the illegality of colonial settlements.

He added that such a resounding vote in favor of the Palestinians' rights at the United Nations indicates that the United States is the one that hinders the international community's endeavors from stopping the Israeli occupation's crimes and granting the Palestinians their legitimate rights, thus siding with its ally in the region, the occupation state.

The Hamas official pointed out that the United States has many strategic interests in the region, and such disgraceful stances against the Palestinian cause would not be in its favor.