On World Children's Day, Hamas calls for protecting Palestinian children, criminalising Israeli occupation

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World Children's Day is celebrated every year on 20 November as the suffering of Palestinian children resulting from the Israeli occupation aggression and racist practices continues. The Israeli occupation’s extrajudicial killing of Palestinian children and the arrests and restrictions on their movement, and the deprivation of their basic right to medical treatment, medicine, and education are a case in point.

Since the start of this year, more than 35 Palestinian children have been martyred at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces, and more than 160 others are languishing in Israeli occupation jails and are subjected to physical and psychological torture by Israeli occupation forces; thus, the occupation disregards international norms and conventions.

The Hamas movement prays to Allah to have mercy on the souls of martyred Palestinian children, asks Him to grant the wounded a speedy recovery, and salutes those held inside Israeli occupation jails.

On this day, Hamas states the following:

First: As the United Nations and international organisations celebrate World Children's Day, they should fulfil their responsibility toward the continued suffering of Palestinian children at home, in refugee camps, and in the diaspora, take urgent steps to protect them from the Israeli occupation’s continued aggression and secure a decent life for them, and expose the Israeli occupation’s escalating crimes against them.

Second: Hamas calls on the United Nations and all human rights organisations to criminalise and put an end to the Israeli violations against the children of Palestine, prosecute the occupation’s leaders as war criminals, and include the Israeli occupation in the “List of Shame” that includes organisations and states responsible for grave violations against children in armed conflict.

Third: The Israeli occupation's escalation of its crimes against the children of Palestine is nothing but a botched attempt to terrorise our people, break their will, and dissuade them from resisting it.


Hamas movement 

Sunday, 20 November, 2022