'Israeli occupation bears responsibility for escalation in Jerusalem'

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The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas affirms the right of the Palestinian people to resist the Israeli occupation that bears full responsibility for the repercussions of the crimes of its forces and colonial settlers against the Palestinian people, land, and sanctities.

The Israeli occupation has intensified its crimes and escalated its aggression against our people and holy places and the killing of defenceless civilians in cold blood, the latest of which was the killing of Palestinian child Ahmed Shehadeh in the city of Nablus this morning.

Almost 148 Palestinian civilians have been martyred, thousands others injured, and dozens of Palestinians’ homes have been also demolished at the hands of the Israeli occupation since the start of this year.

The Israeli occupation’s attempts to incite against the Hamas movement and disturb its ties with the countries in the region by assigning the responsibility for Jerusalem’s attacks to it is nothing but an attempt to cover up its failure to stop the Palestinian freedom struggle.

Hamas reiterates its unwavering position that the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation takes place inside Palestine only.   

Hamas movement

Wednesday, 23 November, 2022