Statement on Palestinian Martyrs Day 

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We salute the Palestinian people at home and aboard. On this day each year, we mark the Palestinian Martyrs Day, on which we commemorate their sacrifices the settler-colonial seizure of historic Palestine began. 

Our people's struggle against the occupation inspires us to remain committed to the option of resistance and hold on to our national Palestinian constants and rights until ending the occupation of historic Palestine and liberating our Muslim and Christian holy sites.

On this day, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas states the following: 

First: The Palestinian martyrs will remain the fuel for the Palestinian people’s struggle for liberation and return. The Palestinian people will continue their comprehensive resistance until ending the occupation. 

Second: Israeli crimes and extremist Israeli settlers’ terrorism against the Palestinian people, including deliberate killings, siege, detention, and displacement, will not succeed in undermining the Palestinian steadfastness and resilience; we will continue resistance until regaining our freedom and self-determination. 

Third: The Israeli occupation's continued seizure of the bodies of more than 373 Palestinian martyrs by the Israeli occupation is a crime and a violation of all international norms and treaties. 
We call on human rights groups and international NGOs to effectively act and place pressure on the Israeli occupation to release all withheld bodies of Palestinian martyrs. 

Fourth: We call on the Arab and Muslim world and the free peoples of the world to voice more solidarity with the Palestinian people and embrace the Palestinian cause in recognition of the sacrifices made by the Palestinian martyrs who have fallen while defending their right to freedom and dignity and resisting the Israeli occupation which poses a threat to regional stability and world peace and security. 

Hamas Movement
Saturday, 7 January 2023