Hamas mourns three Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation in Jenin

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The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas mourns the death of Palestinian martyrs Ezz ed-Din Hamamra, 24, and Amjad Khaliliya, 23, both from Jaba village, who have been shot dead by the Israeli occupation army during a pre-dawn raid into the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. 

Hamas also mourns the death of Palestinian martyr Yazan al-Ja’bari, a 19-year-old from Al-Yamun town in western Jenin, who has succumbed to wounds that he sustained after being shot by Israeli occupation forces during a raid on Kafr Dan village, northwest of Jenin, on 2 January. 

As we mourn these Palestinian martyrs, we call on the Palestinian people to continue resisting the Israeli occupation with all means possible. 

We emphasise that the continued aggressive policy adopted by the fascist Israeli occupation government against the Palestinian people and their lands and holy sites will not grant it a sense of purported security. 

Such a policy will not succeed in undermining the steadfastness and resilience of all Palestinians in all fields. 

We call on the Palestinian people to attend the funeral processions of the three slain martyrs to express support for the option of comprehensive resistance against the occupation. 

Hamas Movement
Saturday, 14 January 2023