Hamas vehemently condemns assassination of Palestinian hunger striker Khadr Adnan by Israeli occupation

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The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas vehemently condemns the unlawful killing of Palestinian detainee Khadr Adnan by the Israeli occupation forces while being held under illegal administrative detention.

This crime is added to a long record of Israeli violations against Palestinian detainees held in Israeli jails, but how long will Palestinian detainees and people wait for the prosecution of Israeli jailers?

The Israeli occupation government bears full responsibility for the assassination of Adnan, as it refused to release the slain Palestinian and subjected him to deliberate medical negligence.  

Hamas emphasises that the Israeli occupation and its fascist government's crimes and terrorist action against the Palestinian people and detainees must not go unnoticed. 

The Palestinian Islamic resistance movement extends its sincere condolences to the Palestinian people and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, reiterating that the Palestinian people will continue to stand steadfast in the face of the Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinian detainees.

Hamas Movement

Tuesday, May 2, 2023