Hamas urges Lebanon to stop isolation wall construction

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The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas deemed in a statement on Tuesday the Lebanese construction of a concrete isolation wall around the Ein al-Hilwe refugee camp as a violation of international norms and the human rights of Palestinian refugees and a step which harms Palestinian-Lebanese relations.

“The construction of this isolation wall is an unacceptable step that threatens the future of Palestinian refugees and compounds their suffering,” the statement said.

“This wall sends a very negative and harmful message to Palestinians,” the statement added.

Hamas said that the construction of the wall reflects how the Lebanese state deals with Palestinian refugees as a security concern.

"We reject any political or security decision that would threaten Palestinian refugees’ rights and livelihoods," Hamas underlined, warning that the wall serves to increase tensions and ignite new conflicts in the region.

The Movement stressed that the solution for all Palestinian-Lebanese disagreements is through a comprehensive Palestinian-Lebanese dialogue that discusses the common issues and preserves the interests of both parties.

Source : Hamas