Hamas reaffirms commitment to democratic principles, community participation

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On the occasion of the International Day of Democracy, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas has reiterated its unwavering commitment to democratic principles and community participation at all levels in Palestine. 

Member of Hamas Political Bureau in Gaza, Basem Naim, reaffirmed the necessity of holding elections as a key means to reinforce democratic principles and enable peoples to select their representatives and leaders.   

In a press statement Friday, Naim called on the Palestinian Authority to take all measures and steps needed to hold comprehensive Palestinian elections. 

Naim urged all parties to cooperate in order to establish leading and institutional formations that embrace the Palestinian people's constants and their genuine rights.   

The Hamas official reiterated the necessity of backing the Palestinian people in their efforts to enhance democratic principles and community participation. 

"The international community should be aware that the Palestinian people have been subjected to decades-long injustices that have been inflicted upon them by the Israeli occupation and its racist policies, which have blocked them from exercising their democratic rights to choose their leaders and political system," Naim concluded.