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Hamas holds the Israeli Occupation fully accountable for Palestinian prisoner's death

11 February, 17

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The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas holds the Israeli Occupation fully responsible for the martyrdom of the Palestinian prisoner, Mohammed El-Jallad, who passed away last Friday due to medical negligence in prison.

The spokesperson of Hamas, Abdel Latif el-Qanou said in a press release that the Palestinian prisoner who sustained injuries prior to his detention was deprived from accessing medical treatment though the medical reports proved that he was in immediate need for urgent medical care to save his life.

He added that Hamas considers the death of El-Jallad a crisis against humanity; something that reflects the dangerous criminal Israeli actions against the Palestinian prisoners, and more specifically the seriously-ill ones. He noted that this incident is an indicator of the barbarity and violence perpetrated against the Palestinian prisoners that witch puts their lives at real danger.

El-Qanou said that Hamas calls on the official Palestinian levels and the humanitarian organisations to take urgent and tangible steps to save the Palestinian prisoners' lives. He concluded by asking these organisations to file cases against the Israeli Occupation at international courts to hold it accountable for its crimes against the vulnerable Palestinian prisoners.  

Mohamed El-Jallad, 24, from Tulkarim had passed away at Beilinson Hospital from wound he had sustained in November 2016 when Israeli Occupation soldiers shot him after they allegedly accused him of stabbing.