Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas Information Office Report 2016: Israeli and PA Violations against Palestinian People

22 February, 17

Report: 60 thousand Israeli violations in 2016

A report issued by the Information Office of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has documented approximately 60 thousand Israeli violations in occupied Palestinian territories throughout 2016.

The report, which recorded the most underlying  Israeli occupation attacks reveals that 59950 assaults were carried out by the occupation . %89 of the offenses were related to settlements, while the remaining percentages included detentions of Palestinians, house demolitions and land razing.

Jerusalem experienced the largest proportion of the violations while Ramallah closely trailed behind. November experienced the biggest percentage of offenses during 2016 which held %63.1 of the total.

5355 Palestinians were detained by the Israeli occupation in the same year, including 479 minors, 103 females and 280 ex-detainees.

In terms of house demolitions, 427 houses were completely demolished by the occupation, most of those belonged to families of Palestinians who were murdered by Israel. 

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