MP Naim: US demands to extradite Al-Tamimi are rejected

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Legislative Council MP, Huda Naim, confirmed that the US Department of Justice's move to extradite the ex-detainee, Ahlam Al-Tamimi, from Jordan to the USA is entirely rejected.

In a press statement, Naim, denounced the listing of Ahlam Al-Tamimi on a terror watch list for the FBI's most wanted terrorists. 

She also said, "Our message to Ahlam Al-Tamimi is that she resembles the steadfast Palestinian woman and the Palestinian nation as a whole has her back, considering her as    symbol  of national struggle ".

Naim also pointed out in her press statement that the American administration is a Zionist one, meaning that the Administration's policies are used to serve the interests of the Israeli Occupation.  

The Hamas MP called upon Jordanian authorities to legally protect Al-Tamimi and to refuse handing  her over to American authorities.