Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas: the Israeli Occupation attempts to escalate the situation in Gaza

25 March, 17

The spokesperson of the Islamic Resistance, Hamas, Hussam Badran said that the Israeli Occupation is held responsible for the hateful assassination crime that claimed the life of a Palestinian ex-prisoner, Mazen Faqha.

Badran said in a televised interview that the Palestinian martyr was killed in cold blood by the Israeli Occupation using a cowardice technique that terrifies the Palestinian people, noting that this crime demonstrated the Israeli brutality against a helpless people.

He went on saying that the Israeli Occupation attempts to create chaos by slaying  civilians, adding that the Israeli occupation is pushing the region towards a serious escalation in which more heinous crimes will be carried out against the Palestinian people by their enemy occupiers.

It is noteworthy to say that the martyr has served a 9-year-term inside Israeli prisons before he was freed in 2012 during the prisoner exchange deal.  After that , he was expelled to the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli Occupation refused to issue permits for his family members in the West Bank in order to prevent any reunion between Faqha and his family who  has yearned to meet him since he was set free five years ago.

He was severely beaten and tortured during his custody, and the Israeli Authorities issued an order to demolish his home in Tobas, a Palestinian village that lies in the West Bank. The Israeli Occupation have pursued him in Gaza and killed him on the 24 of March, 2017 at the hands of their collaborators.