Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas representative meets with the Lebanese human rights minister

08 April, 17

The representative of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in Lebanon Ali Barakah met with the Lebanese human rights minister, Ayman Shqeir and congratulated him on  his new position.

Barakaha and Shqeir discussed the updates of the Palestinian cause and the current dire conditions of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Hamas representative talked about the ordeals experienced by the Palestinian prisoners inside the Israeli prisons. He also urged minister to support their cause, especially with the approach of the Palestinian Prisoner Day which takes place on the 17th of April.  

The two officials discussed the excruciating situations inside the Palestinian refugee camps based in Lebanon in light of the severe cuts imposed on the UN services that are provided to the Palestinian refugees, and the lack of human and civil rights.

Barakaha urged the Lebanese minister to intervene in order to improve the circumstances of the Palestinian refugees who reside in Lebanon as well as the Syrian refugees who fled their country from the war.

He underscored the need for enhancing the joint relations between the Palestinian and Lebanese people, to support the right of return and dismiss any deportation projects.

From his side, Shqeir welcomed the Hamas delegation and reiterated the supportive stance of his government  towards the fair Palestinian cause, noting that his government promised to follow up the human and social conditions of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to provide them with dignified means of  life.