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Meshal: Hamas cannot be manipulated and the Document is in line with our Strategy

03 May, 17

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The head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas ,Khalid Meshal , stressed in  televised meetings that the Political Document launched by Hamas is in line with its declared strategy. He stated that it reflects the normal development of Hamas without abandoning its history, principles or the rights of the Palestinian people.

In an interview with El-Araby TV,  Meshal emphasized Tuesday evening  that the Political Document launched  Monday comes to express the identity and the vision of Hamas, not as a result of any pressure from any party adding, “ Hamas cannot be manipulated”. He also pointed out that his movement is in unison regarding the Document as manifested  in the attendance of Hamas leadership in both Gaza and Doha during the conference which was held last Monday to announce the Document.

Meshal said that Hamas adopts  an open-minded, dynamic and logical philosophy  which adapts to the conditions of the Palestinian people and which also goes in line with the movement’s  strategy. He denied  any similarities to the experience of “Fateh”  in modifying its positions and policies pointing out that Fateh adopted new tactics at the expense of its strategy.

Meshal assured that the document is not a strategic shift; it is an expression of the normal evolution of Hamas’s political thought and performance over the past years.

In an interview broadcasted on BBC Arab, he asserted that Hamas is searching for a chance for mutual work with the Palestinian factions, in order   to become stronger in addressing the international and regional community with a unified position and without compromising the fundamental issues

Relation with Egypt

Meshal stated, “ We hope this document will have a positive impact on our relations with Egypt and our Arab and international relations.”

He also added “ We have passed the most difficult stage in our relation with Egypt. It was a stage full of tension and accusations.  At the moment, we are connecting and there is a relative improvement in the recent period and we aim for further development in this regard. We hope things will be better in the future.”

In his speech to Al Jazeera live,  Meshal  declared, “ We  are telling the world that as Palestinians we are working together with the support of the Arab nations on a mutual political program. If  the international community is sincere, together and along with the Arab countries, we can force the occupation to withdraw so we can establish a state within 1967 borders as mentioned in 20th  article of the document.”

Meshal stated, in an interview with Nick Robertson on CNN Arab , that Hamas is serious and conscious   of  the current regional and international conflict so the new political document comes to meet the current situation.

He said ” it is not fair that the Palestinian and Hamas are asked to abide the Israeli standards. The new document has sufficient articles for any one namely the Western capitals to take the opportunity to deal seriously with Hamas and the Palestinians and to press on Israel.”.

Meshal expected the existing US administration to change the policy towards the Arab and Palestinian conflict with Israeli. He concluded his speech calling Trump to work in a new approach to get advantage of the new positive position of Hamas , Arab and Palestinian.