Khalid Meshal's speech during the inauguration of the new head of Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniya ( an excerpt)

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It is my pleasure to introduce the new leader of,Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haniya to our people and our Arab and Islamic nations.

Hamas hails the democratic election of Haniya which was consistent with the movement's laws and regulations. It represents the great consensus inside Hamas  and a unison on all levels  inside Hamas.

After the new election, the whole movement aligns behind the new leadership including me, and leaders of Hamas in and outside of Palestine.

From my previous position of being head of the political bureau, I am totally confident about our new leadership and their abilities and aspirations. They will not spare any effort to tackle all the thorny issues and priorities  of the Palestinian people.

Haniya and his brothers in the new political bureau will do their best to work on the key issues including: liberation, Jerusalem, prisoners, right of refugees, lifting the siege imposed on Gaza, and achieving internal unity.

We, our partners, and our Palestinian factions will work together to end the split, and go ahead in our national project. Hamas is  ready to initiate a new phase of its history. May Allah guide and bless us all.

Khaled Mishel