Hamas Congratulates the Islamic bloc at Birzeit University on Election Win

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The Islamic Resistance Movement  Hamas congratulated the Islamic Bloc at the Birzeit University on their election win at the council of students which took place today.

Hamas considered the result as an endorsement  for its resistance approach and a message of solidarity and support for the detainees inside the Israeli occupation and Al-Aqsa Intifada..

The spokesperson of Hamas, Hussam Badran, said that the students’ awareness  won at Birzeit today by reelecting and trusting  the Islamic Bloc for the  services it  has  provided  to the university students  over the past two years despite all campaigns of intimidation carried out  by  the occupation and Palestinian Authority. .

He added that the distinguished role played by the members of the Islamic Bloc in the leadership of the council, in  solving many student problems and providing  distinctive services, are the best proof of the effect of Hamas and its youth in all fields which qualifies them to be the best choice for the students of Birzeit University.

Badran  thanked the Birzeit University administration for its outstanding role in running the electoral process. He also congratulated the university students on their democratic choice calling upon the West Bank university to follow the same approach in providing freedom in the work of  unions.  

In addition, he thanked all student blocs that participated in this democratic event and lived the state of competition.

Badran pointed out that the head of the former student council , Ahamd Al-Ayesh, was arrested early morning with a number of his colleagues by the Israeli Occupation to join 35 other detainees of the members of the Islamic Bloc at Birziet University who were arrested due to university union activities.

It is worth noting that Al Wafa Islamic Bloc won for the third consecutive yearand  gained (3778)votes while the Fateh got (3340)votes.

51 seats were contested by five blocs ; Al Wafa Islamic Bloc, Yasser Arafat Bloc, Progressive Democratic Student Pole, Birzeit University Student Alliance , the Student Initiative and the Palestine Bloc..

It should be noted that the student elections came after a campaign of arrests carried  out by the Israeli Occupation against the leaders of the Islamic Bloc and its member where the head of student council , the head of the committees , and dozens of its members were arrested.