Press Release issued by Hamas concerning the claims of media outlets regarding the Qatari list

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In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Press Release issued by Hussam Badran , the spokesperson of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” :

We , in Hamas, deny  the claims of some media outlets regarding a list submitted by Qatar including the names of Hamas leaders whom Qatar asked to leave  the country. We assure that this is a  part which has always been played by some media outlets who are  used to promoting fabricated news about Hamas in order to distort  its image and to damage its external relations.

As it was  declared, Hamas recently completed its internal elections according to the  regulations and scheduled  timeframe  agreed upon in advance, and in which a  new leadership headed  by Ismail Haniyeh was elected. Haniyeh  lives in Palestine along with other  Hamas leaders.

Then, the new leadership of Hamas  began to make new arrangements including relocating some of the  movement’s leaders in various countries according to work requirements.

In this context, we , in Hamas, highly appreciate the positive role played by the State of Qatar in supporting the  steadfastness of the Palestinian people in their just cause, especially reconstruction of Gaza.  

We also assert that Hamas will remain in the front lines in  resisting the occupation and its compass will  only point to Jerusalem. We will continue  to resist  the occupation hand in hand with all Palestinian factions and our people who have embraced  resistance as the Palestinian national path to freedom. We will continue with the help of the free people of this world, namely the Islamic and Arab nations who support the right of the Palestinian people to resist until restoring their homeland.

Husam Badran

Spokesperson of the Islamic Resistance Movement

 4th of June, 2017