Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas sent letter on Jerusalem to Lebanon's president

28 July, 17

The representative of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas in Lebanon, Ali Barakah delivered a letter from the head of Hamas political bureau , Ismail Haniyeh to the Lebanese president, Michel Aoun in which he explained the current situation in Al-Aqsa compound and the Israeli measures now implemented inside it.

In his letter, Haniyeh expressed gratitude for Aoun’s  supportive stances towards the fair Palestinian cause, wishing stability and prosperity for the Lebanese people.

Aoun warmly welcomed Hamas's delegation, stressing his stances of supporting the Palestinian people, noting that we should remain vigilant since the Israeli Occupation always fails to abide by the United Nations' resolutions and works hard on the ground to change the geographic and demographic reality of the holy city.

By end of the visit,  Aoun expressed his  sincere wishes for the Palestinian people in their strife towards justice.