Press Statement regarding Abbas's speech at UN

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The spokesperson of Hamas, Fawzi Barhoum issued the following statement:

We, in Hamas, closely followed the speech of President, Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations. Despite of the significance of both the place and time of the speech  and the world leaders the speech addressed,  and since it came after the last negotiations with Hamas in Cairo, the speech bears the spirit of  failure of the  settlement and negotiations project with the Israeli occupation and  beseeches  the rights of the Palestinian people who aim to be freed from the occupation by all legitimate means.  

Unfortunately, Abu Mazen did not differentiate in his speech  between the resistance of the Palestinian people as an inherent right under the occupation, and the most extreme form of terrorism exercised by the  Israeli Occupation  and which is  condemned by all international laws. 

Regarding  the internal affairs, we welcome the announcement made by Abu Mazen on the expected arrival of Unity Government to Gaza. We assure that we will work  towards the success of its mission and we will move forward with   the  reconciliation efforts to make it a reality  on the ground, so our people may focus on other matters relating to improving the national project and to confronting the occupation. We also reiterate our commitment to what Hamas declared in Cairo .

Fawzi Barhoum

Spokesperson of Hamas

19th of September, 2017