Press Release on the 2nd anniversary of the the uprising in Jerusalem

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To our steadfast Palestinian people

To our Arab and Islamic nations.

Two years ago, our heroic people  faced a new challenge with the Israeli Occupation and its blatant violations  against the holy places in Jerusalem. Our people confronted the  Israeli attempts to Judaize and divide   Jerusalem.   Jerusalemites  became  the icons  of sacrifice with their bare hands and the defenders  of Al Aqsa Mosque and  the holy places from the Israeli plots.

The generation who suffered the consequences of Oslo Accords and who was forced to succumb to the instruction of Daytonwas the same generation who led the battle of resistance against the Israeli Occupation:

On this glorious anniversary, we, in Hamas , emphasize  the following:

First : Jerusalem  is the main target of the Israeli Occupation and it requires us to make all possible efforts and stands to defend it from the Israeli schemes  .

Second:  We praise the role of our people in Jerusalem and mark this day to remember  the victory which they achieved. We call upon our people and Arab and Muslim nations to continue in supporting Al Aqsa and  to prevent time and place divisions.      

Third :We  affirm  that the sole choice for restoring land and rights is resistance .

Fourth:  We assure that the Palestinian reconciliation is a very important step in supporting the steadfastness of our people and protecting the national project.  We assert that our people  in Jerusalem would not have achieved victory without the unity of our people .

Fifth: We call on the Palestinian people to continue in resisting the Israeli Occupation and warn of all attempts to foil their resistance.

The blessed Jerusalem uprising established new rules in facing the Israeli Occupation and paved the way for innovative   methods of resistance  to be employed in restoring land and regaining the stolen rights.

The Islamic Resistance Movement “ Hamas”

1st of October, 2017